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Richard French's family

DNA clues

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 THE MATERIAL ON THIS PAGE IS LIFTED-with gratitude- FROM MARA FRENCH'S FRENCH FAMILY ASSOCIATION web pages. These charts (pages) list earliest known families of people who correspond well with my DNA sample. (Google
;  FRENCH SURNAME DNA TESTING PROJECT) That webpage is hosted by Julia French Wood; a distant cousin.
 Chart #16, Joseph P. French, 1812
Joseph P. French, b. 23 Mar 1812 in Edgefield Co., SC, d. 22 Oct 1879 in Pike Co., AL, m. 1833 to Mary W. Brown in Houston Co., GA. She was b. 27 Mar 1818 in GA and d. 20 Jan 1913 in Wood Co., TX. He was a lay Baptist Minister and so well thought of in Baptist ministry circles that an honoring obituary on hm was issued by the Salem Baptist Association of Alabama in 1880. In the obituary, it is mentioned that Joseph's father deceased when Joseph was a small boy in Edgefield District, SC , "leaving himself and others to the care of the mother, and a childhood of deep poverty, hardship and toil".  The obituary goes on to say that Joseph, in early manhood, migrated to Georgia and there married Mary W. Brown, and from there Joseph and Mary then migrated on to Pike Co, AL.  But, alas, the obituary does not mention the names of Joseph P.'s parents! Joseph and Mary had 15 children: Elizabeth Jane, James, Lydia, John, Emeline, Marion, William, George, Richard, Mary, Euperdemus, Sarah, Ann, Andrew, and Leonard. See DNA Tests Group 1.
 Chart #21, Aaron French Sr., 1739 and sons Aaron Jr. and Ezekiel
Aaron was b. 8 Sep 1739, died 31 Aug 1805, and lived in Monmouth Co., NJ.  His son Aaron Jr. was b. 19 Apr 1767 and d. 31 Jan 1850 and lived in Licking Co., OH. Most likely Aaron's parents were John and Allee French of Shrewsbury, NJ, but this has not been proven. His siblings were Deborah, Elizabeth, Mary, Ezekiel, Lydia, Asa, and Susannah, all of Essex Co., NJ. Of these children, Ezekiel had 11 children who moved to WV and then Miami Co., OH. The DNA tests prove that Charts #16, #21, #22, #28, #36, #112, #184, #188, and #189 are related. See DNA Tests Group 1. During the Revolutionary War, Aaron lived in a part of New Jersey that suffered much at the hands of the British. Many church, town, and other records were then lost.

¡Chart #22, Moses French, 1735
Moses French was b. ca. 1735 in Sussex Co., NJ and died before 1797 in Sandystone Township, Sussex Co., NJ. He m. Congleton. His son, Aaron French, was born 1 Mar 1767 in NJ and died 1 Jan 1851 at Sheshequin Township, Bradford Co., PA. His wife, Mary Meyers, was born 28 Apr 1778 in NJ and died 6 Dec 1863 at Sheshequin, PA. Their son, Walter French, was born 3 May 1812 in PA and died 16 Jun 1890 at Sheshequin, PA. His wife, Sarah "Sally" Rogers, was 9 May 1809 in Bradford Co., PA and died there 6 Mar 1864. Their son, Walter Henry French, was born 19 May 1847 and died 27 Dec 1911 at Chemung, Chemung Co., PA. His wife, Harriet Gertrude VanSice, was born 7 Sep 1861 in Rome, PA and died 8 Mar 1914 in Athens, Bradford Co., PA. Their son, Ralph Earl French, was born 1 Dec 1894 in Athens, Bradford Co., PA and died 18 Jun 1965 in Syracuse, Onodage Co., NY. His wife, Ethel Florence McBain, was born 28 Nov 1905 at Lowville, Lewis Co., and died 9 May 1975 at Watertown, Jefferson Co.
Chart #28, John Morgan French, 1809
This chart now ties in with John French the Brick Mason, Chart #188. John Morgan French, b. ca. 1809 in South Carolina, m1. ca. 1835 a Miss Burgess or Byrd or Bird who died shortly after 1842 in TN after giving birth to four children, m2. ca. 1844 Elizabeth Campbell in Tennessee. John d. 1859 near Coffeeville, Yalobusha County, MS. Elizabeth had five children. John moved to Tennessee before 1820, and to Yalobusha County, Mississippi, between 1842 and 1845. Elizabeth may be descended from the Campbell family in Cumberland County, North Carolina. Elizabeth was b. 23 May 1819. First 4 children born in TN, possibly Dyer Co, and the last 5 children were born in Mississippi. All 9 children born from1835 thru 1856. After the death of her 1st husband in 1859, Elizabeth m. John H. Brock. 
 Chart #184, Samuel French Sr., ca. 1725 Julia French Wood. Samuel French, 1725, whose descendants resided in Anson Co., NC; Georgia; Stewart Co. and Henry Co., TN. Email: Julia French Wood's web site:  Anson Co., NC; Rutherford Co., NC; Stewart Co., TN, Carroll Co., TN; Van Buren Co., AR. See DNA Tests. Samuel French Jr. (1), b. ca. 1755; Gideon Richard French (2), b. 15 Nov 1780, d. 2 Nov 1870, m. Rebecca Angeline Anderson in Stewart County, TN; James Parley French (3), b. 25 May 1825, d. 27 Sep 1897; Hanameel Hamilton French (4), b. 1 Mar 1862 in Carroll, TN, d. 2 Dec 1939; James Lee French (5), b. 22 Sep 1904 in Carroll, TN, d. 15 Mar 1979, m. Josephine T. Geissler; Nancy K. French (6), m. Todd. Samuel French Sr, of age to receive land grant 1750 and be on tax rolls 1753 in Anson Co., NC; in Rutherford Co., NC 1782-83; in Wilkes Co., GA 1785-94; finally in Stewart Co. and Henry Co., TN by 1815. Samuel Sr.'s had two other sons: John of Anson Co., NC, and Thomas who died 5 Mar 1848 in Henry Co., TN. See DNA Tests Group 1.

 Chart #188. John French, brickmaker, merges the descendants of his son, Richard French, original research and compilation by Jim Gunderson, and the descendants of his son, John French, original research and compilation by Jeanette S. French. Database also includes data provided by Judith French.
The minutes of a Woodbridge town meeting held on August 20, 1669 state: "Granted to John French to be an inhabitant that is only to have ten acres of upland for a house lott [sic] and five acres of meadow and to expect no more and that he is bound here to live and to furnish the inhabitants bricks before strangers."  John French was an established tradesman by 1669 when he was admitted as an inhabitant of Woodbridge township; thus, we know he was born before 1648.  He also lived Staten Island, New York. His will was written in Woodbridge township, New Jersey, and names wife, Susannah, sons, John and Richard, and daughter Ann who married James Leith.  Son John lived and probably died in Woodbridge township.  Son Richard settled near Springfield, Essex County, New Jersey, where he died.
Some descendants remained in New Jersey for several generations, others moved to the new frontiers.  Names include Richard, Robert, David, William, John, Simon, Joseph, Lewis, Hugh, James, Noah and Aaron.  Unusual names include Cornelius, Philemon, Phineas and Lefford/Lafford.  See the French DNA web page for information on the  DNA Test from Group 1.  The family trees, submitted by the DNA participants, are posted there.  DNA test results indicate that descendants of John French, brickmason, (including David A. French born Warren twp, Somerset County, New Jersey) and descendants of Lefford/Lafford French, the Revolutionary War Pensioner, who was born in New Jersey in 1753 and lived in South Carolina/North Carolina, share a common ancestor.  Circumstantial evidence indicates that the common ancestor is John French, brickmason. Written by Jeanette S. French.

 Chart #189, William M. French, 1806, connected to Chart #41
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William M. French, b. 1806 near Baltimore, MD, resided in Allegheny Co., PA, d. 1904 in Stanton, Powell Co., KY. His wife, Ann Richards, was b. in 1810 in Wales and died in 1874 at Stanton, Powell Co., KY. Their son, John French, was b. in 1830 in Alleghey Co., PA and d. in 1900 at Stanton, KY. His wife, Sarah McLaughlin, was b. in 1832 in Montgomery Co., KY and died 1907 at Stanton, KY. Their son, George W. French, was born in 1859 at Stanton, KY, resided in Bloomington, IL and died in 1939 in LeRoy IL. He m1. Ella Hall and m2. Mary Killion. See DNA Tests Group 1.
 Chart #191, Jeremiah French, 1752
Jeremiah French was b. 12 Jun 1762 in Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ, and d. 22 Jul 1834 in Butler, OH. He m. Hannah Williams before 1788 in Peoria, OH or Bedford Co., PA. They had 8 children: Nathaniel, Jeremiah, William, Moses, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, and Hannah. Son Jeremiah married Charlotte Sefton and had son Nathaniel Granville French. This chart is being researched by Patti Heimburger

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