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Richard French's family

Thoughts, Theories & Photos
Here I'll include some of my favorite theories &  photos. If you have some photos you'd like to share with other family members, please send them to me and I'll post them here.


Above is a photo of a 1753 new Jersey map.
Below is the Minisink area.

general map of the Minisink Valley

Walpack TWP. is along the Deleware south of Sandyston. Knowlton is the next township south of Walpack ,now in another County
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New York New York October 2001
Please Remember Who did this to us..


 MY Quandry:
How did Richard, b. +- 1775 come to live in Walpack, Sussex Co. NJ.?
1793 Our first indication he's there is that He is 18 years old & on the  Walpack Militia list of eligible men. No other French's are known to be in the township.
1799 he is married and a father.
1802   Richard French witnesses a will in Knowlton Twp. (next Twp. to the S., now in Warren Co.)
1803 3 children are Christened at DRC Walpack.
 I have found no record of any other "French"'s at Walpack. 
  Mary Meyers, daughter of SEBASTIAN MEYERS of walpack married Aaron French. Aaron is Moses's son. Aaron and Mary's 3rd daughter was named Ester....same as Richards first wife..
Was Richard an Orphan? Was his mom remarried to another Walpack resident?  OR?
 Catherine French married John Fogarty in about 1806. Was she Richard's little sister? Mother?
Here are 4 theories-  This month I like # 2.
Theory 1. He is the son of Henry Frensh on the 1774 tax list. Is it possible Moses and Henery French could be the sons of Samuel French of Goshen NY.and Helena Rosencrans of Minisink- or a previous wife?.
They had son Jacobus in 1754.
IF Moses and Henry are b. 1755 & 56 they would be 18 and 19 on that tax list.
 Samuel was b. near Goshen NY. either 1718 or 1727, He could have been married previously with Moses and Henery  & Richard off-spring.??
(NOTE: there is a Samuel Finch of Goshen NY. b. 1718, d. 1756;see rootsweb.)
 Richard did name his first son, 5th child - MOSES.
Theory 2.  Richard and Easter named their first daughter Sellitie.
 At Oldwick- roughly 20-25 miles southeast, from at least 1780, lives another Richard French and wife Selletje. They christened William and Ann in 1780/81. Perhaps our Richard is his/their son? That Richard  d. and Selletje remarries Wm. Lewis in 1797.
 A Subset of this theory (2 A) is my notion that this is Richard French of Springfield, Nj.; first wife Mercy North, 2nd Sara or Sarah,(possibly Selletje) both "Unknown".
 Perhaps Richard, Moses and Henry are sons of Richard and Mercy?. This trail COULD lead back to Thomas French at Burlington, via Benjamin and Martha Hall> Richard & Mary King.
 Richard b. 1743, son of Benjamin French and Marthya Hall is unaccounted for in internet published material. Perhaps he's Richard's father as well as Anna and William?
Theory 3. He is son of Henry. Moses and Henry are joined on the tax lists in 1780 by a John French.   I have found  Moses, Henry, James, Elizabeth and Aphia, children of Nehemiah French born at Salisbury, Essex ,MA.1738-1745. They are old enough to be land holders on that 1774 tax list. A Nehemiah French joins the Sussex tax list by 1781. What could have attracted them to the Deleware River during the Revoloution &  Indian uprising? LDS/IGI has no death records for these French's.
THeory 4  A Richard French, son of Abel French is b. 1774. He is the only Richard French b. 1774/1775 or nearly 5 years either side on the IGI or any other record I have found.
 Theory 5 was Richardson French b. 1775. But, his history does not fit.

Family picture circa 1950's; Size=180 pixels wide

This is reminiscent of my folks house in Durango Colorado. The photo is not my family but looks like us.


Scene on the Huachucha Mountain near Sierra Vista AZ.
 I found a list of New York Marriages before 1784:
Joseph French m. Mary Jarvis  Dec. 10,1755
Samuel French m. Catherine B(r)own  Sept 14 1758
Michael French m. Mary Denike  Nov. 27 1760
Catherine French m. Thomas Guest  June 6, 1761
Catherine French m. Samuel Hunt  Oct. 21 1761
Judith French m. Henry Kip  Sept. 10, 1763
Margaret French m. Henry Mc Closkey  Sept 10 1771
Sarah French m. William Robertson  Feb. 24 1772
Mary French m. George Brown  May 2 1777

Joseph + Mary Jarvis. I wonder when Port Jarvis was named; and how for whom?
 Judith French and Henry Kip:
 One of the few Selletje's I have found is a Selletje Kip. In the 1800's. Obviously the Kip family knew the French's.
 Samuel French m. Ms. Brown in 1758. Is that the Samuel that was married to Helena Rosencrans?

Some information on the French Family Name:

Lifted verbatum & my thanks to:

French is the English ethnic name for the man who came from France, from the Middle english word frensche = France, although occasionally it was simply a nickname for the man who adoped French airs. Those of Irish descent may be descended from Theophilus de Frensche, who was a Norman baron who came to the isles with William the Conqueror, and who produced Sir John French as a descendant (he was Commander-In-Chief of the British Expeditionary Force in WWI) 

FRENCH or THE FRENCH, an incomer from France. The first recorded reference to the surname appears to be a Symon le Frensch from the County of Wilkshire in England who was registered in the first ever English Population census of 1273. Roger, son of William French, Quit Claimed lands in Annan England for other lands in Moffat England in 1245. 

Blazon of Arms:

Origin: England

Arms: Ermine a Cheveron Sable

Crest: A Dolphin Embowed Proper

Motto: Malo Mori Quam Foedart [translated: I Would Rather Die Than Be Dishonoured]

Heraldic Charges: Dolphin-affection towards our children; Chevron-protection, a reward for notable enterprise

Colours: Gules (red) fire, fortitde; Azure (blue) loyalty, truth; Sable (black) repeniance, royalty; Ermine (white) valour, leadership.

Metals: OR (gold) purity and valour 


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