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Richard French's family

Aaron Moses Johnathan etc.

Benjamins letter and comment

Subject: [FRENCH-L] jonathan french
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 16:21:39 EST

My husband and I have been researching our French line for a few years. One
of our interest has been Jonathan French. We have no information on him other
than a journal entry as follows:

Transcript of a Letter written by Benjamin French to his nephew Joseph Wesley
French, s/o Jacob French.

West Chester, Pa. June 28, 1887

"My Grand Parents on my Father's side were natives of Sussex county, New
Jersey, but decended of Scotch Irish.
 These Grand Parents died, leaving three
sons, one of which was my father. My Grand Father Morris, and my father, settled,
each at same time upon adjoining lands in Lycoming, PA.
Your father, his sister Elizabeth, and brothers Moses and Joseph were born in Morris County, State of New Jersey.
 I am not sure of the year in which the two families settled in
Lycoming, but believe it to have been about 1800. My Uncle Dennis Morris se
ttled near the Painted Post, alias 4 corners, alis Block House, PA.
Uncle Aaron French located at head of Chamung River, N.Y. Uncle Jonathan French settled on
the Maumee River, Ohio. Uncles Hesekiah, Samuel and David Morris settled in
Lycoming,PA. Aunt Sarah, remained in N.J. Aunt Gerusha, settled in Ohio. Aunts
Elizabeth and Jemima, settled in Lycoming.

All Morris, are fleshy. All French's tall and bony. Both sides are fair
workers and good talkers, good hearted and good looking, and do the best of my
knowledge, all have escaped the gallows and penitentiary.
 The names of Morris and
French have represented every shade of political and religious faith. They
represent Judges, in law, Dr's of Divinity, Dr's of Medicine. The name is not
strange in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and is common in the
work shop and field. Can I say more, I could not say less"

This entry was furnished by a fellow researcher, searching the John Congleton

My husband is a descendant of Aaron French and we have lots of information on

Aaron was born in 1767 in New Jersey. He died in 1851 in Sheshequin,
Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Shesehquin is a river connected to the Chemung River.

Aaron is the son of Moses as per his marriage record: FHL Film No. 1294801:
"Aaron French, son of Mof[s]es late of Sandeston, dec with Mary Myers,
daughter of Bastian Myers of Montague, May 28, 1797
The above couple have been married by me the date as above.
Guisbert L. Sutfin, Justice." Written in Old German Script, unclear the
Justice's name could be Suffin, Sutfen, Sutsen. extracted 17 Mar 2001 (This
record is from Sussex County, New Jersey)

John C. was born about 1766. While John C. names a child Moses, Aaron does
not. Moses was born in 1796 in New Jersey and dies in Indiana. I do not have
any more information on him.

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