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Richard French's family

French's in New Jersey

Hunterdon County , Lebanon Twp.

Found  at Zion church, Germantown, now Oldwick, apparently living about 7 miles south west-

William French (1782--______)
 Anna FRENCH (2 Jul 1783 - ____)
Eleanora FRENCH (15 May 1771 - ____)
Joseph FRENCH (____ - ____) & wife Eleanora
Richard FRENCH (____ - ____) & wife SELLETJE  Richard is thought to possibly be the Richard French, Son of Richard French,  of NJ. who married Mercy North in 1766.
 In 1797, "ye widow Selletje" married Wm. Lewis.
 All are on the records of the Zion Church at Oldwick NJ. Eleanora the daughter of Joseph and Eleanora French; William and Anna the children of Richard and Selletje French.
Now to the Aarons-
Per my standby - which is many people making their
(educated) guesses...

 Aaron b. 08 Sept. 1739 @ Monmouth NJ. >Joseph or John French and ?Alice
 Married Mary Clark in 1761 or 17 Sept 1764 or 1766.

 Son Aaron b. Christened 19 Apr. 1767  christened 12 July, New providence
nee Turkey Presby. church.  M. Catherine Coms (Coombs) Starkey 1791, Ruth
Coe,  8 March 1792/3.Washington PA.  D. 31 Aug. 1805/50 (either Washington ,
PA 2 votes or Johnstown, Licking OH.)
 Also may have M. Elizabeth... (Unknown) to have d. Amity, Wash. Pa.
 AS of May 2005, the above Aaron is proven to have the same DNA as me! it is a 37 of 37 match!
  I now believe The Aaron below is descended from Philip's brother John.

Another Aaron is b. to Robert C. and Joanna Osborne in 1765 @ Westfield.
Sister Rebecca b. 1771, bros. John b. 1778, d. 1861 ; Philemon b. 1774 d.
1860; Anderson b. 24 Oct 1763 Springfield; Joseph P. b. 25 DEC. 1767

 Yet another Aaron, M. Mary Meyers.. b. c. 1767 d. 1 Jan 1851, b at Ghent
County Sheshequin PA.
 This Aaron is DNA proven closely related to Me:
We know an Aaron French was the son of Moses French per the recording of his
to Mary Myers: " "Aaron French, son of Mof[s]es late of Sandeston, dec with
Mary Myers, daughter of Bastian Myers of Montague, May 28, 1797
The above couple have been married by me the date as above." Guisbert L.
Sutfin, Justice.

 Aaron and Mary named a daughter Easter. Yhis may -or not- have been for Richard b.c1775's first wife.

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